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*For registered volunteers only



“We wish you all success in your essential and meaningful work in our community…”

Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties



Choose your time and services. Email us to learn more. 


Refer Loudoun residents to our program.


All contributions to LVC, a non-profit, are tax deductible.


Participate in grant matching with your company or United Way (Designation #8497).


Donate services or goods of almost any kind.


Host an hour-long informational (non-solicitational) presentation.


Include LVC in your will or estate plan.


Donate on behalf of a loved one (please provide contact information so we can notify them).

All new volunteers will have:

  • A background check done
  • One on One Training/Orientation session with LVC Staff
  • The opportunity to choose where, when, what and with whom they want to volunteer, as well as how often


LVC provides trained volunteers as part of a “fix-it” program geared towards providing handywork, repairs, and chores in and around the home. It is not a home remodeling program, nor does it replace professional contracted work. Together, we partner with the local Area Agency on Aging to offer this chore and repair services program to help our citizens maintain independence and quality of life.


“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me in my time of need.”

Patti K.


Most chores/repairs will be completed on Saturday and offer a flexible schedule, unless other days/times are agreeable to provider and recipient.


WHAT ARE THE Prerequisites?
  • Ability to repair and perform chores
  • Dependable with attention to detail
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Non-judgmental and respectful


What are the job duties?
  •  Training
    • Attend Orientation held on Saturday to understand the supportive service expectations and the safety and liability issues
    • Review refresher safety information as needed
  •  Repair Options include but not limited to
    • Carpentry
      • Install shelves
      • Repair cabinet doors
      • Reglue or reassemble furniture
    • Heat & Cold
      • Home winterization
      • Replace glass panes
      • Install/remove storm windows and screens
      • Install curtain rods
    • Lawn & Yard Maintenance
      • Snow shoveling within 24 hours of snowfall of 2+ inches
      • Lawn mowing
      • Raking leaves
      • Weeding
    • Other repairs considered on an as needed basis, but will never include any job involving ladders or smoke detectors.
  • Assignment
    • Notified of the repair opportunity after LVC staff complete assessment
    • Contact care recipient within 72 hours. Care recipient or family member purchases needed supplies or make arrangements to fulfill the supply list.
    • Repair item
    • Contact LVC office when the repair is complete.
    • Provide adequate notice (at least 24 hours) to program coordinator if necessary to miss a repair job due to illness or an emergency situation.
  • Administrative
    • Sign a volunteer skills interest form
      • Identify your skill set
      • Designate your preferred schedule and service area
    • Handle client information in the strictest confidence.
    • Distribute evaluation form, donation form & donation envelope to care recipient
    • Report repair work summary including repair job, total volunteer service hours, roundtrip mileage and any incidental costs.
  •  Other Key Information
    • No charge for fee for any chore/repair work, however, generous donations will be accepted.
    • Ramp requests are home remolding project and will be referred to Veteran services, Family Services or other organizations.
    • Volunteers are prohibited from soliciting care receivers. This includes the distribution of printed materials, business cards or any information not directly related to the Chore Corps program. If a participant expresses a need for service information, please refer them to the LVC staff.


Student Volunteer Application

While students cannot drive yet, they can still volunteer! Students can participate in Chore Corps assignments, events, and friendly calls.