Chore Corps Program

LVC is collaborating with Area Agency on Aging by enhancing LVC’s supportive services; providing care receivers a handyman service…or…better put… assisting a care receiver in need to complete their “honey do” list.

What exactly is Chore Corps?  Chore Corps is a “fix-it” program geared toward providing handyperson type repairs and chores in and around the house for older adults and adults with disabilities. It is not a home remodeling program, nor does it replace professional contracted work. Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers (LVC), a local nonprofit, and Loudoun County Area Agency on Aging, a local government agency, are partnering to offer this chore/repair services program to help older adults and adults with disabilities to maintain independence and quality of life.

Time Commitment

Most chores/repairs will be completed on Saturday and offer a flexible schedule, unless other days/times are agreeable to provider and recipient.


  • Ability to repair and evaluate minor home repairs and perform chores
  • Dependable, reliable and attention to detail to follow through on assignment
  • Good communication skills, especially good listening skills
  • Ability to be non-judgmental and respect different cultures

Specific Duties for Volunteer

  1.  Training
    • Attend Orientation held on Saturday to understand the supportive service expectations and the safety and liability issues
    • Review refresher safety information as needed
  2.  Repair Options include but not limited to
    • Carpentry
      • Install shelves
      • Repair cabinet doors
      • Reglue or reassemble furniture
    • Heat & Cold
      • Home winterization
      • Replace glass panes
      • Install/remove storm windows and screens
      • Install curtain rods
    • Lawn & Yard Maintenance
      • Snow shoveling within 24 hours of snowfall of 2+ inches
      • Lawn mowing
      • Raking leaves
      • Weeding
    • Other repairs considered on an as needed basis, but will never include any job involving ladders or smoke detectors.
  3. Assignment
    • Notified of the repair opportunity after LVC staff complete assessment
    • Contact care recipient within 72 hours. Care recipient or family member purchases needed supplies or make arrangements to fulfill the supply list.
    • Repair item
    • Contact LVC office when the repair is complete.
    • Provide adequate notice (at least 24 hours) to program coordinator if necessary to miss a repair job due to illness or an emergency situation.
  4. Administrative
    • Sign a volunteer skills interest form
      • Identify your skill set
      • Designate your preferred schedule and service area
    • Handle client information in the strictest confidence.
    • Distribute evaluation form, donation form & donation envelope to care recipient
    • Report repair work summary including repair job, total volunteer service hours, roundtrip mileage and any incidental costs.
  5.  Other Key Information
    • No charge for fee for any chore/repair work, however, generous donations will be accepted.
    • Ramp requests are home remolding project and will be referred to Veteran services, Family Services or other organizations.
    • Volunteers are prohibited from soliciting care receivers. This includes the distribution of printed materials, business cards or any information not directly related to the Chore Corps program. If a participant expresses a need for service information, please refer them to the LVC staff.

If your interested in volunteering for the Chore Corps program contact Michelle McKnight at or call 703.779.8617.